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7 tips to rock your marathon

Last year when U&R alumni Paula G and Paula P a.k.a. “The Paulas” ran the Roma-Ostia half marathon, the seed was planted in front of the Trevi fountain for them to run a marathon. We looked at an international race calendar and decided right then and there on Marataò Barcelona. I hadn’t thought about running… [Read More]

Good luck to our half marathoners!

It’s a huge weekend on our Half Marathon forum – we have six runners and The Coach in race action tomorrow! Daphne is running her first 21K in Ottawa, Canada In Edinburgh, Frances and The Paulas are back for more, along with Coach Julia Irene and Tara are tackling their first half in Leiden, The… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Two Paulas Go To Rome

At the start of winter two Paulas began our Half Marathon course – Paula P in sunny Dubai, and Paula G in a very soggy Somerset. After twelve long weeks of training they’ve just ran the Rome-Ostia 21K. We grilled them about the challenges of those long winter months, fuelling those long runs, all the excitement… [Read More]

Meet our Half Marathon Superstars – Part 2

Happy Monday to you! First a quick reminder: our Summer 5K and 10K courses start next week. We can’t wait to meet our new runners – hope you’ve had fun shoe shopping. If you’d like to join the Summer gang there’s still time to secure your spot! Now back to our Superstars… cue snazzy logo… Last… [Read More]

Meet our Half Marathon Superstars

One of the most popular features on our e-courses is the Runner of the Week interviews, in which we chat to kickarse runners about their running adventures. I’m a total sucker for a Real Person Story – not that I don’t love reading about Olympic medalists and world record holders, but reading about regular people… [Read More]

Hooray! The Half Marathon Course is here!

Ever since we launched our 5K course last February we’ve been asked, but when’s the Half Marathon coming? Well, the big day has finally arrived! We’ve got 12 weeks of kickarse training and inspiring course content to get you all the way to 21k. This course is self-paced, which means you can dive in and… [Read More]