Running Roundup #7

Running RoundupIn Running Roundup we share links about running – or not about running at all – that have warmed our cockles. If you’ve spied a story or have one of your own to share, give us a shout!

  • Can knitting give you a runner’s high? – Gaim blog
    “Some even refer to knitting as ‘the new yoga.’” Hmmm. We have a high ratio of knitters on the Alumni Forum; I’ll have to ask them to compare their two highs! Big thanks to Sara for sharing this link with me way back in February.
  • Race Report: Julia Jones Running Festival Half Half Marathon – Philippa @ Skinny Latte Strikes Back
    “I sprinted towards the finish line, where I could see all the U&R ladies who had already finished waiting on the other side cheering. The announcer also called out my name – “FILL-EE-PA MOOR-AY!” – as I crossed the line. It was awesome, I felt like a rockstar”
  • On body image and self-worth – Erin @ Design for Mankind
    Taking clothes to a tailor for alternations is a rare thing in our off-the-rack age, but Erin writes in her thought-provoking post, “We take our body to the tailors instead”.
  • Try this trick – buffering – Sarah Wilson
    Cool ideas for creating some breathing space between the crazyass busy moments of your day
  • Coastal run with iconic backdrop bonus – Margaret @ The Unfinished Sentence
    Feast your eyes on the gorgeous photos from a run beneath the famous Forth bridges in South Queensferry, Edinburgh
The beautiful Forth Rail Bridge
Photo by Margaret @