HAM Plan – Day 8


I woke up to snow this morning and it instantly felt like a winter holiday… which it is! Here in Italy we celebrate the Immaculate Conception on December 8th which also happens to be my Dad’s birthday. Happy 81 Dad!

This morning I had one of my favorite dishes from our trip to Amsterdam

Dressed up greek yogurt

They say that to feel truly satisfied eating you need to hit as many textures and flavors as you can during the day. This yogurt dish is so simple and yet tastes tangy (yogurt), sweet (honey), crunchy (walnuts), smooth (again, yogurt) and textured (dried blueberries) all at the same time. I took extra time to really taste it and enjoy it. Oh, there was coffee too!

  • Breakfast – Greek yogurt with walnuts, honey and dried blueberries + coffee
  • Lunch – 1 serving of tomato pasta + avocado and radicchio salad
  • Dinner – Meatballs + salad + 1 orange + 1 glass of wine
  • Weight – * – 0.1 kg*


I stayed up til 2AM watching Iron Maiden: Flight 666 (I love a bit of metal) then slept ’til 11. It has been yonks since we’ve had a proper Slovenly Saturday morning!

Gareth was rather fragile after a big Friday night and was convinced nothing would restore his powers except for smoked sausage with curry sauce and chips, so after scuttling round doing boring chores we’ve been putting off for months, we went to the pub for a late lunch. I felt very smug for finding a totally non-stodge non-fried option.

Excellent exercise session tonight but out of nowhere got all teary during the cooldown. I try to focus on the baby steps, but sometimes I feel so far away from where I want to get back to, fitness and shapewise. It felt a little overwhelming today. But it’s been a really fab week and I’m dead chuffed with how I balanced all the socialising. I’ll keep on trucking.

  • Very late Breakfast – 2 cups of coffee. 2pc toast with butter and Vegemite (sometimes only Vegemite toast will do)
  • Very late Lunch – Lamb rump with red wine sauce, new potatoes and steamed broccoli/cauliflower/carrots/courgette. Lots of water.
  • Very late “Dinner” – Piece of stollen was enough after that lunch. So worth the wait!
  • Exercise – 20 mins on spinning bike; 45 mins Cathe Muscle Endurance upper body weights + abs
  • Weight – 0.5 kg down from Day 1. Get in!
In Da Pub
In Da Pub



  1. ChezJulie
    You had me at "Iron Maiden: Flight 666." ;-) I remember getting a great workout once because that Metallica movie was showing on TV at the gym and I couldn't get off the treadmill. I'm impressed that you found such a healthy meal at a pub!
    • Shauna
      Oh Julie you would love Flight 666. That Metallica movie is one of my all-time favourites. So unintentionally hilarious and unexpectedly poignant. And I love that their producer was called Bob Rock. If he wasn't a geologist that would be the only career option ;)
  2. Shahana
    Hi really enjoying your HAM diaries. I have been trying to not snack between meals and to try and have calmer mindful meals so your posts are very inspiring. Have you read a book by Allen Zadoff called ' Hungry' he stuck to three meals and worked through the justifications some of us use to eat. It's not a diet book at all just some helpful insights into those of us who may not just use food for hunger and some moderate enjoyment.
    • Shauna
      Hi Shahana, thank you for reading! That sounds like a good book, will have to check it out :) The non-snacking is interesting - realising how often I was eating out of habit or absent-mindedness, not hunger!