HAM Plan – Day 21


I won’t be doing a proper update today because I’m traveling by car down to the south of Italy. We have to cover more than 800 km (500 miles) and since my husband is having back problems I will mostly likely do all of the driving. I’ll be back tomorrow reporting from warmer climates!

Some think “Christmas decoration”, I think “Eat!”


I was in Edinburgh early this morning to meet up with Angie, lovely blogger and Up & Running 5K veteran, who was visiting Scotland. It was fab to finally meet in person – she was so warm, funny and easy to talk with.

I mulled over the menu for ages, imagining myself eating each option in order to figure out what I really felt like. I ended up with poached eggs and spinach on sourdough toast and it was bloody amazing!

So I said bye to Angie feeling warm and fuzzy about life and all the good humans in it. I weaved through the crowds gathering up various things needed for Christmas and within an hour I was a grumpy git again. And then… I bought a big cupcake and gobbled it for no good reason. I don’t know what comes over me, people. I could blame it on my tired, puffy, hormonal state but… I just checked right out of my body and out of what I really want more than a cupcake. Unlike the lovely mindful cakes of Day 2 and 3, this time I ate when I wasn’t at all hungry and I didn’t enjoy it whatsoever.

Angie and I had only just been talking about emotional eating and building momentum and I was singing the praises of the HAM Plan. So what the heck? Was it self sabotage? Just plain mindlessness? Relief at the world not ending?

We’d been talking about acceptance, and I reckoned if you had a pattern of emotional eating forged in early years, breaking that pattern and not doing it is something you’d always be working on. It’s a practice. Looks like I’ve got a heck of a lot more practicing to do!

  • Breakfast – 2 poached eggs and spinach on 2pc sourdough toast. 2 coffees.
  • Snack – Banoffee cupcake.
  • Lunch – Small bowl of pasta with tomatoes, olives and peppers. 1 tangerine.
  • Dinner – Pizza, salad greens with balsamic vinegar
  • Exercise – 40 mins walk
Christmas cheer at The Dome & Eggs at Centotre
Christmas cheer at The Dome & Eggs at Centotre
  1. Angie
    I love that you guys are doing this, it's been interesting and insightful :) Shauna that was me putting it in your mind form talking about the cupcake from Cuckoo's bakery! It;s like what I was saying that morning, that sometimes it's emotional, but happy or good mood emotional, rather than sad. It's almost like we don't trust how we feel maybe. This time of year is the worst with all the food available. I bought some marzipan form the german market before I left and ended up eating it all as soon as I got home :(