HAM Plan – Day 19


I feel very sorry for my poor husband. About 15 years ago he met this total babe. She used to be so excited to be in his presence that she would do everything she could to make herself casually attractive. She was always dressed simple, sexy and gorgeous. She was regularly preened, clipped, and waxed. I don’t know where that women has gone but she sure hasn’t been around here for awhile…

Last month I went and had my hair cut and the hairdresser totally botched it up. She cut it crooked and decided that I could wait on getting highlights (wrong!). I came home and hated it so much that I did the most logical thing: I started wearing scarves and hats to cover it up. Would I have done that 15 years ago? No, I would not. I don’t know where I got the idea that it would be okay to do it now.

I had to get the tires on my car changed and as I was waiting I spied a big sign for a salon down the street. I just walked in and prayed that it would come out okay…

Hair should stay in place for at least 3 days

It did. I’m happy and vow to keep on top of this from now on. Not only does hubby deserve better, I do too.

  • Breakfast –  Focaccia with tahini & honey + coffee
  • Lunch –  Yogurt + walnuts 
  • Dinner –  50 gr cheese + 2 christmas cookies (will write about this tomorrow)
  • Exercise – 12 km walk
  • Weight – * + 0.5 kg *


Our last yoga class of the year was accompanied by the sound of rain pelting on the roof. It was just heavenly. I went into class feeling grumpy, anxious and disconnected but afterwards my mind was tied back onto my body again.

There were lots of hugs and See You Next Years too… it’s a really small and unpretentious class. I want to get a card or wee pressie for the teacher, I’m so disorganised. I jibber-jabbered a thanks for a great year but the class means so much more to me than that. I went in there a year ago obsessed with Doing Things Right and wanting to be bendy and fretting about my body and now it’s just my weekly oasis of calm and reconnection.

  • Breakfast – Latte. 1 banana, 20 almonds.
  • Lunch – Chicken & barley soup. 2 chocolate truffles.
  • Dinner – Veggie korma (freezer stash FTW!) with far too much basmati rice. 1 clementine.
  • Exercise – 60 mins yoga class
  1. Nikki
    I've been feeling a bit disconnected from myself these days as well. The grind of the daily routine, a family crisis, the whirl of the holidays... and now... just tired of putting my needs on the back burner. This post was a gentle reminder for me to get to back on track by focusing on the simpler things that I can accomplish for myself right now. I've started to clean my house, made an appt with my hairdresser and I just finished 30 mins of yoga. Thank you ladies for these posts!
    • Shauna
      Good plan Nikki! I always find a good hair day goes a long way :)
  2. Julia
    What is it about hair that just sets the whole tone?
  3. ChezJulie
    The hairdo looks great, Julia! (Do people still say "hairdo"? I'm pretty sure they don't). Shauna, I feel like most of the lessons I've learned from yoga over the years had little to do with being bendy, and more to do with handling stress, breathing, being patient, and accepting things.