HAM Plan – Day 16


I woke up this morning with a little muscle achiness. I’m pretty sure it was the Paula Radcliffe routine from yesterday rather than the gentle yoga with Baron. Today I had my plan in place; earlier I reached out to a few of my girlfriend runners asking if anybody wanted to go on a morning walk. Two of them answered my call and we started out at 9.30 am and finished somewhere around 11.00. The miles flew by (six of them to be exact) as we chatted away. I love having active friends that I can rely on to get my butt going!

HAM Plan fans (hey, that rhymes!) will see that my weight has gone up almost 1kg. I sort of waited it out for a few days until I thought I needed to address it. I think the increase is due to less exercise. Not because of calorie burn but because moving and sweating handles my water retention problem. I think that even in sticking within my HAM rules I can improve on things without taking drastic measures. So the first thing I’ll be doing is cutting out my wine and having it only once a week. I only have one glass but I’ve noticed that it’s become a nightly thing and I don’t really need it. Now that Evan is back at school I’m back to regular exercising. Even if I can’t run I can still swim, bike and move… just like I recommend to my very own athletes.

  • Breakfast –  1 large glass of water + 1 banana + 40 gr muesli + 250 ml milk
  • Lunch –  salad with shredded fennel and carrots with balsamic vinegar + 60 gr couscous + 100gr chicken + 2 mandarines
  • Dinner –  Pizza night!
  • Exercise – 10km walk
  • Weight – * + 0.9 kg *


Oh dudes, I’m watching the BBC Sports Personality of the Year coverage as I type this and it’s just montage after marvellous montage. I love a good sporting montage and 2012 was just the best. THE BEST!

Aside from the montage orgy today was all about an awesome winter sunshine walk, catching up with The Killing finale and attempting to learn to freaking KNIT.

I decided the other day I fancied wielding the pointy sticks and got some great advice from the clever knitters on the Alumni Forum. Jilanna suggested I start with a basic dishcloth. Paula taught me the basics in Glasgow last night and I was doing so well under her supervision but today left to my own devices? It’s a bloody shambles! Looks like it’s been gnawed by giant rats. But I’ll persist. It keeps me off the streets!

  • Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, ½ pc toast, orange juice, tea.
  • Lunch – Veggie broth, toasted cheese and tomato sandwich.
  • Dinner – Beef and ale stew with veggies, ½ cup basmati rice.
  • Exercise – 40 mins walk
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  2. pj geek
    I've enjoyed reading the Ham Plan posts. Keep it up, ladies. I have a little chocolate everyday if I really want it. If I deprive, I will later dive straight in to it...just like Augustus Gloop at Willy Wonka chocolate river.
    • Shauna
      I like your thinking! And thanks for popping over to read us here! :)
  3. biobabbler
    Oh, Lord, Shauna, you MUST post a picture of said bloody shambles. I've always thought I SHOULD knit (whilst watching 20-year-old episodes of Cheers) 'cause I have antsy fingers, but have yet to take it up. It's those 1st 5 minutes of "Whaaaa?!?" and I get frustrated and storm off. I could use a little "here's what I mucked up" to reassure me that it's okay. What's important is to try. =) "course, it's not YOUR responsibility, so if inconvenient, disregard! xoxo
    • Shauna
      Yes! Defo on my list, I am destined to become a knitting bore, you'll be sorry you asked! :)
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