HAM Plan – Day 15


In an effort to get myself back on exercise track I did two workouts. First up was a Yoga DVD with Baron Baptiste. It felt good to be getting into poses again but he annoyed me in the tape for two reasons. First, he kept talking like we were in the ’70’s, saying stuff like “let your feet feel the earth…” ugh. Then every once in awhile he seemed to make a last minute move. He’d guide us in one direction and then change his mind. It was a live tape so maybe if I had been at the actual yoga class I wouldn’t have noticed. Good thing that after 45 minutes I could turn him off!

In the afternoon I went for 30 minutes on the spin bike and then a 15 minute exercise sequence by Paula Radcliffe on my Nike + app. It wasn’t earth shattering and I can definitely make up more interesting routines. There were lots of lunges involved and not much else, but it did get me ready for outdoor running tomorrow!

  • Breakfast – Large glass of water +Coffee with Milk + 40 gr muesli
  • Lunch – baked potato + leftover roast beef + pomegranate
  • Dinner – 2 pieces baked chicken + salad with avocado + ice cream cone (small)
  • Exercise – See above
  • Weight – * + 0.7 kg *


In Glasgow today to meet up with wonderful Up & Running Alumni pals Clare, Paula, Sarah and Tamara. After a tasty Italian lunch came a most excellent picnic in Paula’s hotel room while watching Strictly Come Dancing.

  • Breakfast – Latte. Tomato mozzarella croissant (at Pret)
  • Lunch – Antipasti. Ragu ravioli with tomato sauce. Cappuccino. Small glass of wine.
  • Dinner – Melon, berries, fresh coconut, comte cheese, olives, carrot sticks, guacamole (hotel picnic). Glass of wine.
  • Exercise – No formal exercise but 14,067 steps
  • Weight – * -0.9 kg * since Day 1, so -0.4kg this week!