HAM Plan – Day 14


I was going to do a post about comedy, but then the news of the awful shooting in Connecticut came through and it somehow seems inappropriate. I’ll save it for another day…

My exercise is a slightly diminished in these days because I’m injured. I’m having a problem with my left leg (near hamstrings) which is related to my back (problems). I need to get re-organized tomorrow… I can do more than I’m doing but I tend to get slightly down if I’m not able to run. I will be back on my game tomorrow with cycling and weights. Stay tuned!

  • Breakfast – Greek Yogurt with walnuts and honey (can’t get enough of that combo!) + coffee
  • Lunch –  Awesome foccaccia with ham and mozzarella + coffee and very small Christmas cookie.
  • Dinner – Roast beef (I made it!) + baked cauliflower + pomegranate + sips of wine with my husband (probably half a glass)
  • Exercise – 30 min walk
  • Weight – * + 0.4 kg *


Today at our office Christmas thing we had a brilliant guest, Team GB wheelchair rugby captain Steve Brown. I got hooked on the wheelchair rugby during the London Paralympics, so it was so bloody cool to hear about his experience first hand.

Check out this video about his story and a peak at the awesomeness that is wheelchair rugby:

Wittering on about my dinner seems so silly in light of Steve’s story and today’s events, so I’ll be brief…

  1. Nikki
    Amazing video...I had no idea about wheelchair rugby. Wow! Amazing consistency on the HAM plan!!! :)
  2. Paula P
    Julia & Shauna.... I love reading these posts but sorry to hear of the running injury.