HAM Plan – Day 13


Tonight was Christmas evening at our son’s school. There’d be a class play and then carols sung by the children. The girl’s parents were asked to bring something sweet and the boy’s something salty. I wanted to bring something that everybody would eat but I also had to work all day so didn’t have the time to bake. “Cheese” popped into my head and since there’s a grocery store right in front of the school I decided that would be my choice.

Evan wasn’t in agreement. He wanted to me to buy potato chips or focaccia. I told him that’s what everybody always brings and that if we brought something new they might like it. He assured me that it was a “gross” choice for kids and that nobody would eat it.

I cut three huge hunks of parmesan and Swiss into bite size pieces and stuck toothpicks in them. I put it down on the table next to the mini pizzas and chips. It was all gone within 2 minutes. Evan apologised and said I’d been right. I guess he doesn’t take after his father after all… he he.

Nothing appealed to me (I know, shocking!) so I decided to not partake and eat when I got home. I mingled with a glass of sparkling water.

That’s my babe, the tallest in his class, singing “Jinglebell Rock”
  • Breakfast –  1 banana + 1 coffee + 3 ginger cookies
  • Lunch –  artichoke risotto + salad, no dressing + pomegranate
  • Dinner –  big green salad +  small piece of cheese + apple
  • Exercise – 5km walk
  • Weight – * + 0.4 kg *


Wherefore art thou weekend? I am so ready for you.

  • Breakfast – Porridge with cinnamon, pear and 1 tbsp almond butter.
  • Lunch 
    • More Outstanding lentil and vegetable soup.
    • 2 satsumas
    • One small and so very worth it very dark chocolate truffle that got sent to the office from France. Fancy. Honestly you should see the freaking AVALANCHE of food gifts. I turned down three different cakes and sweets today.
  • Dinner
    • Roast chicken breast
    • Steamed new potatoes
    • Lots of green cabbage, broad beans and courgette
    • 30g dark chocolate with mint. Mmm, refreshing!
  • Exercise – 35 mins Cathe Cardio Core Circuit DVD which was way too advanced for me and sucked beyond belief!

I hope the extra bullet points made my post look more substantial and disguised my Thursday night brain-numbness. Tomorrow is a new day!